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N99 and CE Air Pollution Masks | ATC MASK

Message From a Co-Founder

Welcome to the atcmask.com. I’m happy you are here. Air pollution is linked to around 7 million premature deaths worldwide every year, with urban dwellers in poorer countries more impacted. Developing cities such as Accra, Lagos, and New Delhi are now the key focal points for emerging health hazards.

The upward trend in population size and rapid urbanization in developing countries are likely to increase morbidity and mortality from air pollution in the years ahead. Because there is no escape for most of us living in developing cities from this public health challenge, my goal was to develop protective masks which provide superior respiratory protection for most environments, especially for those living in the urban core and the expanding settlements on the peripheries of cities.

Thanks to the dedication of my team, ATC Masks today are used for countless applications worldwide, including for protection against PM2.5, particles found in air pollution, smoke, allergens, and are very useful for sensitive individuals and people who need protection against poor air quality at home, workplace, and the outdoors.

Our masks are available through a world-wide network of distributors. They include N99, N95, FFP3 and CE approved activated carbon disposable and washable anti-pollution face masks, EN 140:1998, and EN 136:1998 full and half face gas masks.

Feel free to look around, and don’t hesitate to drop us a line or two at contact@atcmask.com with all your questions.

Good luck, and breathe safe!

Muntaka Chasant | Co-Founder


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